This an empowerment book about self -disocvery, leadership, capacity and how to unleash your pontentials. "Design Your Destiny" is a powerful inspirational book that was written under divine guidance to activate the potential within you, and set you gently and firmly on the path to your authentic destiny, through the activation of your call, vision and dreams. More importantly, this book will teach you how to launch yourself firmly on the process of self-discovery that is so paramount to setting you on the path to the authentic success that you so fervently crave. As a simple work of enlightenment, whose purpose is to unravel the hidden, inner qualities of a soul in search of self-discovery, this book will help you discover who you truly are, help you discover what you were created for, help you unravel the true meaning and purpose of your life, and, ultimately, it will show you how to ultimately succeed in life Hard cover available on Amazon and Kindle.