We focus on developing human capacity by weaving self-discovery leadership characters and self-development to train more than One Hundred Million students, budding entrepreneurs, and career professionals globally by 2050. We will achieve our mission by programming the mindset of our target audience towards possibilities and subsequently empower them to overcoming any limiting beliefs stopping them from uncovering their true worth and fulfilling their potential.
Our vision is creating a better every day life for many people by ensuring that more than average of human population unleashes their potential, reaches its peaks and ultimately lives a fulfilled life.

G.L.O.E.M.I is Global Empowerment and Mentoring Initiative Inc. with our headquarters in the Bronx, New York City, United States, and we have our branches in Lagos, Abuja and Kwara State, Nigeria.
As a Human Capacity Development company, we focus on your ,  
  • Self-discovery and Mindset Transformation.
  • Improve your ability to lead with our Leadership 
  • Give you an entrepreneurial mindset in our Entrepreneurship Trainings; 
  • Mentoring, Counselling and Coaching; 
  • Youth Empowerment  
There are many values you can derive from us at ZERO cost. Our weekly Webinar, which Mr Henry Ukazu is the facilitator, is available for free. We offer Mentorship and Counseling to the youth for free. Our weekly article titled "Adding Value" to our newsletter subscribers  is available for free and many more programmes that will be tailored towards adding value to you and empower you to uncover your latent talents and unleash your potential. Information on future events will be via email or through our socials, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on all social media handles to be updated.
Although most of our services are free, you still need to pay for our Special trainings, One on One Coaching sessions, Career and Professional development, In house Entrepreneurship and Leadership trainings, Our Master classes and more
  • The Bronx, New York, United States