Who We Are

Global Empowerment and Mentoring Initiatives (GLOEMI) Inc., is a human capacity development company with its headquarters in New York city, United States of America. GLOEMI is established and presided over by Mr Henry Ukazu; a passionate leader, purposeful individual and youth crusader who consistently advocates for self-discovery as the pathway to unleashing human potential.


Our Core Areas

Our core areas of services are Self-development and Mindset Training, Youth Empowerment and Corporate Consultancy. We focus on High Schools’ and Colleges’ Students, Emerging Entrepreneurs, and Career Professionals. We have several programs and curricular designed to help our clients discover who they are, their purpose, what makes them unique, how they can make the right choice, and how they can turn their failures into their friend in order to optimise their potential.

Meet our Founder

Henry Ukazu is a Self-Discovery & Mindset Coach. He is the Founder and President of Global Empowerment & Mentoring Initiative (Gloemi) Inc.; a Human Capacity Development company focusing on helping youth and progressive minds unleash their potential through self-discovery. As an emerging global leader, Mr. Ukazu believes the youth are the vessels of change in any progressive society. This fuels in him a strong passion for Youth Development and Leadership. He is the author of the acclaimed and celebrated book “Design Your Destiny: Actualizing Your Birthright To Success.”

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