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If you need a change in your Life, you need to plant the Seed of change in your Mind 

Please permit me to begin this article by wishing you compliments of the season.

Depending on where you are, we are just about a few hours to the New Year. No doubt, 2023 has been an eventful year for everyone of us. Some of us made mistakes while some of us scaled our various hurdles.

However, the interesting thing is that those who succeeded in 2023 invested time and resources into their projects. Some relocated to different parts of the world either nationally or internationally in search of greener pastures or academic pursuit, some got married, had babies, some learnt new skills, some got new jobs, some attended conferences, seminars, symposia, workshop, etc. One thing is certain: those who did not succeed due to exploring different options acquired experience, while those who succeeded, sowed in one place or another. Either way, they sowed and got results.

As we are about to head into a new year, it’s important we take stock of our personal and professional lives to know how we fared in 2023. This will enable us to decipher how we will approach 2024. If you are desirous of making a great impact in your life in 2024, then there’s a tendency to not only be intentional and strategic, but must also sow into the project.

Just like the Law of Karma operates in strategic ways, the universe operates with principles. It’s whatever you sow, you will reap. If you don’t sow, I wonder what you would want to reap? Those who sowed in negative and positive ways reap their seeds.

Apart from seeking the face of your creator in the coming year, your greatest resolution in 2024 must be to sow. Even if you use 2024 to learn, that’s a huge success because you don’t plant a tree and expect to reap the dividend immediately.

This is how sowing works: The soil is our mind. It’s what we feed our minds that germinates and reproduces results. The seeds are our thoughts, water is our actions, and our feelings, which react to our thoughts and actions is our sun.

Question: Is your mind fertile enough for the right seeds and water to germinate? Remember, whatever you focus on, expands.

Sowing comes in different dimensions. One can sow spiritually into the church, one can sow in his/her business, one can sow in his personal and professional life, one can even sow into a mentor’s life. What a rational mind should be concerned about in 2024 and beyond is what kind of seeds they want to sow to sow in 2024?

One of the best ways to sow into 2024 is to develop mastery. The question now becomes, how does one develop mastery? Developing mastering entails learning whatever you have strong passion for, and interest in. It should be noted that those who benefited in previous years developed capacity, and in due time, they were able to reap the fruits of their labour.

In the same light, progressive minds desirous of succeeding in 2024 must cultivate the habit of reading, learning a skill, building and leveraging on strategic relationships, mentorship, training and acquiring a formal education.

In learning, it is imperative one desists from exhibiting pride. Be humble to learn from your detractors, younger friends, colleagues, and mentors. Don’t think how anyone will perceive you. Remember it’s your life, and not anyone’s life.

If you are determined to succeed in 2024, here are some insights on how one can sow in the coming year.

A great way to sow in 2024 is to practice accountability. Accountability plays a major role in our finances, human relationship, careers, spirituality, academics, and personal lives, etc. Without accountability, we tend to lose all we have.

According to Myles Munroe, “whatever you fail to manage, you lose it”. If you don’t manage your life, you will lose it, if you don’t manage your health, you’ll lose it, if you don’t manage your marriage, you’ll lose it, if you don’t manage your finances, you’ll lose it, and if you don’t manage 2024, you will lose it.

The difference between the rich and poor can be judged by their mindsets, and how accountable they are. The right mindset and accountability determine the values, responsibility, attitudes, and visions of the rich and “famous”, but poor and unformed minds don’t see opportunities where great people take strategic risk; where they either succeed or gain new experience which can attract opportunities in the nearest future for them.

Another way to make the best of 2024 is by sowing into people’s lives. Genuinely sow into people’s life without having a vested interest in mind. Give to people because it’s good to share, don’t have an opportunistic mindset, try to genuinely love people for who they are as opposed to what they are. When you sow into people’s life, it has a way of creating opportunities for you.

In 2024, please sow all the time. When you see a fertile soil and your instincts and conscience is at peace, please sow. When you are led by the spirit, please sow. If you see anyone in need, please support them, if you see an opportunity to learn, don’t think about the cost; make sacrifice for the future, if you see a mentor or resourceful person celebrating, please sow into their lives. If you see anyone succeeding, please sow into their life to support them. Please, if you sow into people’s life, don’t expect to get the reward immediately. You might either get it back or not get it depending on the type of ground the seeds fell.

You can sow into peoples life by praying for them, investing in them, teaching them, encouraging them, counseling them, cheering them up, listening to them, empathizing with them, and sharing your time with people.

Here’s 2024 as a blank paper…it’s up to you to write whatever you want on it

Henry Ukazu writes from New York. He works with the New York City Department of Correction as the Legal Coordinator.  He’s a Transformative Human Capacity and Mindset coach. He is also a public speaker, youth advocate and creative writer Design Your Destiny and Unleash Your Destiny.  He can be reached via

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