Dear Destiny Friends,

The word ‘sacrifice’ is not new to any of us, and in one way or another, each of us have made sacrifices. Sacrifice means different things to different people. To a student, sacrifice might be avoiding social events and depriving himself sleep to study. To someone desirous of good health, sacrifice might mean avoiding sugary and fatty foods, as well as alcoholic drinks, to retain splendid health. To an entrepreneur, sacrifice might mean depriving yourself the goodies of life by practicing delayed gratification to invest in your business. It should be noted that without delayed gratification, ambition is just wishful thinking.

The importance of sacrifice cannot be overemphasize in everything one does, wishes to do or achieve in life. Sacrifice is a prerequisite. Sacrifice is the hallmark of passion. When you are passionate about achieving a particular cause or target, you will do all that is necessary to get the desired result.

Sacrifice, however works in different ways. A young lady may likely sacrifice being with a wealthy and handsome man just to be with a man who cares and loves her. A man will sacrifice his money to please a lady, who respects him as opposed to a beautiful lady who doesn’t respect him.

It’s instructive to note that there are certain heights and opportunities you can’t attain unless you make sacrifices. Sacrifice, when done with understanding is powerful. Most people sacrifice their time and resources for causes that are not worthy. Some lack information on what’s needed. Sacrifice is effective and works when there’s understanding on what needs to be done.

For you to succeed in life, there must be different dimensions of sacrifice whether demonic or spiritual. If you decide to get power for personal interest, you can seek demonic powers from the underworld which will not last, but if you decide to seek power and relevance on worthy causes, you can be sure the creator of the universe will not forsake or abandon you.

To truly sacrifice, you must have courage. It takes courage to sacrifice. Courage is not sourced, it is generated. If you are desirous of making an impact in the future, you must sit down and ask yourself critical questions. What is required to get to the peak of my career? If you can answer that question, you will know that sacrifice will play a big role.

It’s imperatively important for you to sacrifice for your future. On a personal note, I have sacrificed my sleep, social events, time, and money by working on my vision. For instance, depending on what I want to achieve, I know where to invest my time and money; that to me, is the greatest definition of sacrifice. While most people buy clothes, drink, and invest their money and time in other causes, I buy books, invest in people, read voraciously, and invest my time on causes which might sound unpopular. I will share with you a practical example.

In 2017, I resigned from my job as a Case Manager to see my late grandmother. That singular decision sounded unreasonable to some people because they were wondering how I will survive when I come back to New York. They failed to understand that seeing my grandmother was more important to me than getting a job because I strongly believe in the efficacy of her prayers.

Guess what, when I arrived home, she was so excited to see and passionately prayed for me and her prayers have been working wonders for me.

I will share another interesting story with you, in 2022, I had to embark on a one-month prayer and fasting session to seek the face of God to be a partner with the United Nations Development programme, and at the end of the day, my wishes came through in a spectacular manner.

In conclusion, depending on what you intend to achieve in life, you will have to endeavor to sacrifice your time and money for it to see the light of the day. You are on the path to a greater future if only you can stoop, and sacrifice something some pleasures today.

Question, what are you willing to sacrifice for?

Henry Ukazu writes from New York. He’s a Human Capacity & mindset coach. He’s also a public speaker, youth advocate and creative writer. He works with the New York City Department of Correction as the Legal Coordinator. He’s the author of the acclaimed book Design Your Destiny – Actualizing Your Birthright To Success

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